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Harbour for the iPone


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Pasha: Осталось только Harbour для Symbian сделать :) Все остальное уже есть

Andrey: А для Windows Mobile Харбор есть ?

MMK: Andrey пишет: А для Windows Mobile Харбор есть ? Имете в виду Pocket PC? Если да , то - Если говорить точнее, то чуток ширее чем харбор. Речь идет о FiveWin'e

Andrey: Интересно, а можно под Windows Mobile собрать терминалку хХарбора и прицепить сервер Leto DB ?

Dima: MMK То есть на FiveMac можно реально кодить для iPone ?

ММК: Сам пока не пробовал :) Вот глянь описание , там есть и скришоты и построенный пример ... You can download a Windows CE emulator for your PC from here: viewtopic.php?p=78308#p78308 We use our product FWPPC (FiveWin for Pocket PC) and Harbour. xHarbour is not supported. FWPPC is a commercial product you can read about and purchase from here: http://www.fivetechsoft.com/english/fwppc.html https://www.fivetechsoft.com/secure/english/purchase.html Harbour and xHarbour are practically the same product, though Harbour is simpler so it is easier to maintain, thats why we decided to support Harbour from FWPPC only. You develop on your PC using Harbour for the Windows Mobile and FWPPC and test your apps from the Windows CE emulator. Here you have a complete FWPPC application that you can test from the Windows CE emulator. Full source code included: http://www.fivetechsoft.com/files/clients.zip

Dima: ММК Дружище я про iPone спрашивал на котором MAC OS X Вот про эту балалайку я http://www.iphone.org.ua/glavnaya/o-iphone-3g.html

ММК: Понятно , мак тебя интересует. Насколько знаю делают они FW под него с 2006 года ( где-то так ) Продают отдельно. Вот кратенькое описание и ссылка. http://forums.fivetechsupport.com/viewtopic.php?t=4779 http://www.fivetechsoft.com/english/fivemac.html FiveMac FiveTech Software is proud to announce the availability of FiveMac pre-release for Apple Mac OSX to develop Mac OSX applications using the elegant OSX Aqua interface. If you know FiveWin then you know how to develop with FiveMac. Order today and get free upgrades up to version 1.0 (included). Some questions and answers about FiveMac: 1. Does FiveMac uses any emulator software for Mac OSX ? No. FiveMac is built directly using "Cocoa", the Mac OSX "GUI API", so FiveMac applications behave exactly like thousands of other Mac OSX applications. 2. What compiler do I need for FiveMac ? FiveMac is actually tested with Harbour (www.harbour-compiler.org). Both Harbour and xHarbour use the gcc compiler, which it is free and included in Mac OSX. 3. Is FiveMac fully compatible with my FiveWin developed applications ? FiveMac offers as much as possible compatibility level with FiveWin applications. With some minor changes, you may expect to easily adapt your FiveWin app to FiveMac. 4. I know nothing about Mac OSX, how may I start with FiveMac ? FiveMac is designed to be extremelly easy to be used. A very easy to understand build file (like the ones provided for Windows) is provided, so you may start mastering your Mac OSX apps building very quickly. Also FiveTech plans to explain step by step how to start using Mac OSX, since the beginning, for those users that are really newbies to it. 5. Does FiveMac provides the same FiveWin architecture ? Yes. FiveMac commands, classes and many functions, are highly similar or the same to FiveWin ones. If you already know FiveWin, then you also know FiveMac. Here you have some FiveMac screenshots.

Dima: ММК Понял. Пасиб ;)

santy: Линарес предлагает FiveMac безплатно : http://forums.fivetechsupport.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=19169

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