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Dima: Пытаюсь прикрутить PageScript 32 к проге на Harbour и облом. К проге на Xharbour прикрутил нормально (работает) Есть в TPSCRIPT.PRG (поставляется вместе с библой) [pre2] #include "PScript.ch" #include "FileIO.ch" #ifdef __XHARBOUR__ // 02.06.2005 - IBTC - changed for xHarbour Builder: #xtranslate Method <Classname>:<x> => Method <x> #define DLL_STDCALL NIL #include "hbclass.ch" #else #include "Xbp.ch" #include "Dll.ch" #endif [/pre2] Harbour естественно не находит Xbp.ch , Dll.ch , не пойму что делать. [pre2] =============================================== PAGESCRIPT 32 FOR (X)HARBOUR =============================================== This file contains important supplementary and late-breaking information that may not appear in the main product documentation. We recommend that you read this file in its entirety. In order to use PageScript 32 with (x)Harbour, you'll need to distribute PSCRIPT.DLL with your programs. We recommand that PSCRIPT.DLL be copied in the application's folder in order to avoid DLL versions conflicts. Three files needs to be included in your (x)Harbour projects : 1 - DLLCALL.C 2 - TPSCRIPT.PRG 3 - PSCRIPT.CH DLLCALL.C gives PageScript a way to call DLL functions in the same way as Xbase++ does. This interface is contributed by Paul Tucker, Ontario, Canada. Many thanks to him for this great contribution. TPSCRIPT.PRG contains all the PageScript 32 functions and one class, named TPageScript. You may either choose to call PS functions or instantiate TPageScript and use its methods. When you use functions, calling PSInit() automaticaly instanciates a Static TPageScript object. PSCRIPT.CH contains constants used by PageScript 32. [/pre2] Что то не пойму она будет вообще с Hаrbour работать http://www.abeelabs.com/pagescript32/index.php у меня версия

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